Tom - M1EYP has reached 2500+ activator points

Congratulations to Tom, M1EYP, who has now reached the next Mountain Goat certificate score of 2500+, with 1966 activations. Quite an achievement.



Well done, Tom. :clap:

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Well done. You were my 3rd ever chaser contact on my first activation back in 2005!

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Tom. Many congratulations for your SOTA achievements, 2500+ points,1966 activations and the very many reports of those activations. which I am sure will have helped others to activate and qualify summits.
M1EYP/p, is the first ever contact in my SOTA log, 01/01/2016, from G/SP-015.
Best Wishes 73 de Paul M0CQE.

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Excellent effort Tom, congratulations.


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As Tom mostly does zero point activations his real achievement will be the number of activations that he has done. I think he’s number 2 in the World on that metric.

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Thanks all for the kind comments. I really must get my order into Barry GM4TOE for this and other certificates I haven’t yet claimed. 40,606 activator QSOs from SOTA summits so far. Here’s to many more!