Todays OK/US-013 Activation

Dear friends,
thanks to everyone who called me today to sota OK/US-013. Pile-up was really big and long and I was able to also work well with the other four summits and one FF. Although was and wet in the mountains today, I took my heaviest set - Ten-Tec 4030 + FT-817, 1.2 Ah + 7Ah SLAB, big laptop, telescopic vertical 10m, a fishing seat and also a lot of other things (including snacks hi). Then I could do a couple of PSK QSO. On the summit it was pretty cool, but I stayed by the radio more than two hours and it was great fun.
I must admit that I still have to learn how to work in a true pileup (the biggest on the weekends)to make everyone as soon as possible and to be fair to all. To 99% of chasers can I say that you are great! Only some vices remain - now my whole way home and until now sounds in my ears one call, which always gives its owner over and over again - both in call and during the QSO. This is not really necessary, because I almost always hear all of their min. 100W far better than they can hear me with my QRP …
I hope that call will soon stop beeping in my ears today… hi

73 & CU from another summits
Petr OK3EQ

Hi Petr,
Accept my deep sympathy for this clutter…it’s the same pain for the chasers.
Will try to contact this stn by e-mail.
73 es hpe cuagn sn,
Heinz HB9BCB

In reply to OK3EQ:
Dear Petr
Tks for the S2S-QSO today from HB/SG-064. Tks for fishing me out of the pileup!
73 de HB9BIN/p Juerg

In reply to HB9BIN_3:

Hi Juerg,
fortunately it was not difficult, the timing of the end of your call “/p” was optimal and your signal was excellent! I´m looking forward to our next s2s!
Petr OK3EQ