Todays activation of LA/HM-181

When i plannened this weekends actications, on thursday, the WX forcast was some rain on Saturday, and a lot on Sunday. So when packing my rucksack, i grabbed a little tarp, and dropped the 2kg tent.
Offcourse, this wasnt the case today, they changed the forecast, rain today, and no rain tomorrow…

Todays activation of LA/HM-181, stared with some fog, and a big pile-up (thats the norm these days). Soon after, it stared snowing, and with a little help from some wind, it was snowing vertically.
I had erected the antenna on top of a rock, and put up my little tarp behind the rock, out of the wind.
After 23 QSO`s, the QRM was so bad, that i couldnt hear some stations. I decided to look for a new freq. But then the snow was everywhere, the logbook, the IC-703, the backpack, and the activator…
Then i decided, its better to have a working radio for other summits, then giving every chaser calling a qso.
So im sorry for the stations calling today, that didnt get a QSO. I will be back, and with hundreds of summits thats never been activated here in LA, you will probarly get a new summit in the log.

And i must say, got my license in april, had my first activation 19th may, and was struggeling getting enough qsos. Now Im struggeling getting through the pile-ups. Its fun when so many stations wants a qso!
And realy fun, when N1EU says hello, again!

Todays equipment:
-buddipole 20m 1/4 wave vertical (with the longest Rigid Shock-cord Adjustable Whip)
-Icom 703
-4200mah LiFe battery from hobbyking
-warm clothing & hot chocolate!
-camera with some mecanical error (thats why no pictures)

73 de
Erik, LA5XTA