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Today on ST-097

This morning I visited OK/ST-097. I apologize to all, which I unfortunately did not hear, but conditions on the 40 m band were very negative, very low noise and QSB. Perhaps I will do better next time.

In reply to OK1HCG:

Perhaps a change to 20m would have sorted the problem, I worked OK2BWB/P on four different summits there today.
I was unable to copy you on 40m well enough to make a QSO.

73 de Ken G3XQE

In reply to OK1HCG:

Lot’s of QSB on your sigs this morning from S7 to down to noise level.

73’s TU

Karel ON4FI

In reply to G3XQE:

Many thanks for all QSOs.

I started on 40m band - as OK1HCG did - and was able to work G, but signals were very weak. Then I switched to 20m band and got even 599 from G and CT sometimes. But there were not lots of chasers and I was afraid of not having enough battery capacity due to long CQ calls.


Karel OK2BWB