Today on DM/BW082!

Hi all,
today i was on DM/BW082,not as set in Sotawatch DM/BW161.The days started after i wake up at 1000utc ;-)) . And on 1000 i want to be on DM/BW161.Think i sleep longer as planned,hi.And today i had only time for one summit.So i drive to DM/BW082 “Wittoh” by super WX.Ok,1 summit today.but i wan´t to make much qso´s as i hang up my 60m-Longwire in 45min and 2 x 20m-radials on ground.Antenna goes from up 15m to abt. 8m over ground.working with 4 to 5 watts on cw es i tried first time my little homebrew hf-clipper for no 80m-activation,because after 75 qso´s on 40m es 30m in over 2 hours time i make qrt.thanks all for the nice pile-up on 40m in cw es ssb.the mistake today - in the first qso´s i give the wrong summit ref. to DL6KVA,DL7VKD,HA3FZ es DL1JET.hope they look in my activation-log and correct it. 49 qso´s on 40m-cw,19 qso´s on ssb , 6 qso´s on 30m-cw , one qso on 145-fm and a few s2s with DH3IAJ/P , DH8DX/P , DL1JMS/P , G4CPA/P and HA2VR/P…nice sota-day :wink:

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

In reply to DF2GN:

Hi Klaus. You put a good signal into the UK with that antenna. Many other DLs on summits are unworkable.

Been on that summit…not such a long walk after a long time in bed…hi.

Many thanks for the QSO today.

73 John GW4BVE