Today i was on DM/BW-042 Rainen-summit

Hi all,
today i was on DM/BW-042 “Rainen”-summit. Not as planned on dm-bw46 Plettenberg
because there is a stone pit on bw-46. today they worked with tnt and so the road was closed.
i edit then the alert and changed to bw-42 with the phone. think i have done that to late and rbn shows bw-46.
nice actiavtion today with two antennas and antenna switch. never done that before but will do it again.
on bw-42 today i had very little dx stations logged, maybe condx was bad on this summit or overall,not sure.
have done a lot qso´s around in europe, more as expected at a weekday.
so thanks all callers and cu again,
now its time to type all qso´s into the database :wink:

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN/p

maybe tomorrow on dm/bw-? for a quick activation with small rig.
wx forecast reports storms later at the day

In reply to DF2GN:
Hallo Klaus…
It is a pity you did not have flashlights :(((night activation bw-042 80/160m.
Sooo…thank you for the new SOTA from DL witch you ex-perimental antennas system for summits Klaus.
Best regards de Robert SP8RHP vy 73.