Today crossband activation sat / rf

Today I try to activate a sat from a summit. Uplink on 2.4GHz to QO-100. Listening on 40m. You may hear me by websdr QO-100 / Es'hail-2 Narrowband WebSDR , but very weak only 1W pwr qrpp. Time and freq please see alert and spot.
73 Chris


My first activation on QO-100 worked. Unfortunately, the signal on the satellite could only be heard with rs35. because of QRPP. My ordered 20W pa has not yet arrived.
After all, Wolf, DK1HW was able to work after many repetitions.
Here is a video about the construction.

73, Chris
P.S. The English word that I didn’t want to come up with was ‘valid’

Is that “sat/HF”?

Today I finally got to test my 20W pa for 13cm and the sat qo-100. Once with an 80cm dish

then only with the small Yagi with 4 elements.

It is astonishing that it is even possible with the sota-friendly mini antenna.

73 Chris

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