To SOTA Team

Please, why have you deleted my spot without explanation ?
I do not still know why DM/ND-025 is not recognized. Before 12:00 UTC G4SSH also made qso with DL9UJF/P, like me. Did I say “anything that you should not say” ? :slight_smile:
In advance thank you.
Andy F5AKL

In reply to F5AKL:

Hi Andy

I heard Wolf, DL9UJF/p calling CQ, with a reference DM/ND-025 just before noon. He was not calling SOTA or GMA at that time, so I employed the WFWL system (work first, wonder later).

After a successful QSO I attempted to enter a spot for the benefit of others but this was rejected as not being a valid summit.

I therefore entered it in my log as GMA.

There was a similar event 20 minutes later when I also worked Karl, DL2XL/p on DM/RP-324, but he later called CQ GMA.

I do not collect GMA (or WOTA) summits, but will happily give a contact to anybody out on a hill who is attempting to qualify. It appears both these contacts were GMA, not SOTA


In reply to G4SSH:
OK Roy, thank you for these explanations.
I don’t enter in my log DL9UJF/P as SOTA, but as a “common” QSO.
By waiting to contact you since a summit, happy to hear you regularly on the air.
73 QRO,
Andy F5AKL

In reply to G4SSH:
Interestingly when DL2XL/P first fired up he was calling CQ SOTA and in reply to a “GMA ref?” from another DL he said “noch nicht” which I understood to mean “not yet”. In all good faith I also tried to spot Karl without initial success. The spot was eventually removed but if someone has the ability to and does delete someone else’s spot then out of courtesy they should issue a note as to why - it doesn’t take much more to put out a note to explain. For all I knew, this could have been a repeat of an earlier non-recognition problem.

I don’t feel inclined to become embroiled in the SOTA/GMA debate nor to have to check everytime to see whether it’s a non-qualifying summit if the activator has sent CQ SOTA. In future if a spot doesn’t get recognised then I don’t think I’ll bother making the extra effort to help others.

All this does is encourage a chaser to work an activator but not to spot them - something else that has been complained about before!



You can easily spot on whatever cluster-node which will reach far more people than this method, or use which allows to spot roughly anything.

Both alternative methods do not use any kind of filtering which is apparently in place on this site.