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To my OE friends, summit suggestions please

To my OE friends - I need summit suggestions. This year (Juni 2015) my visit to DL will have a couple of mile-stones. I will earn my 1000th point and Mountain Goat in DL. I will also have the opportunity to activate from 1 (one) OE summit, and also activate from 1 (one) DL summit. I have activated many DM and one OK summit. I have never activated any OE or DL summits.

I will be with my wife Monika (N5NHC), and my son James and his wife (KC0WKY and KF5IWV), with two very small children. They wish to tour the Neuschwanstein Castle. (near DL/AL-283 and OE/TI-448). They are NOT SOTA activators.

I would like to know which summits in the area are the easiest to activate. Summits that I can get up and down from quickly, before the family gets too bored. The points do not matter, an EASY OE summit is more important.

Thank you. I hope to work you-all - 15-16-17 Juni 2015.

Vy73 - Mike - KD5KC
(Also - DL/KD5KC).
El Paso, Texas, DM61rt.
W5-SOTA Association Manager.

Hello Mike!

Just read about your intention to activate an OE-summit in June, but I cannot see, which area of Austria you will visit. If you come so far east to reach Upper-Austria (OE5, capital Linz) I can supply you with informations surely.
So just tell me.

73, Franz

Thank you for the reply.

I will be nearest to Oberpinswang, about 60km W-NW (at 300º compass heading) from Innsbruck. We will spend 3 days in Schwangau Germany (N 47.57786º E 10.73830º).

I will have at best only a few hours to visit an OE summit, so I am hoping that there is a summit near the DL/OE border has an easy path to the top.

Perhaps OE/TI-670? It looks like it is 11km from our motel, and perhaps an 800m hike?

Once again, thank you.

Vy73 - Mike - KD5KC
(Also - DL/KD5KC).
El Paso, Texas, DM61rt.
W5-SOTA Association Manager.

I would suggest OE/TI-670 on the border, it`s only 4 points but will tick the OE box for you. It looks like the best (easiest) way would be to drive to Falkenstein Castle ruins and walk from there, or even try parking just short of the castle for a shorter walk.

Hi Mike,

Sorry, I have no local knowledge of the area interesting to you. What I can offer though is access to topographical maps for all of Austria. Let me know for which summits you finally settle and I can send pdf’s of selected sections of hiking maps.

73 Heinz, OE5EEP

Hi Mike,

OE/TI-670 (= DL/AL-166) is a good choice.
For your planning I recommend these maps:


73 Andy DK7MG

Good afternoon to my DL and OE friends.

Tomorrow morning we will leave Strahlungen Germany for Neuschanstein Castle. We will arrive Monday 15 June 2015 in the afternoon. Our plan is to tour the castle early on Tuesday 16 June, then allow the children to go sleep in the early afternoon. Moni (N5NHC) and I will then attempt OE/TI-670, then return to the motel for the night. Early on 17 June we will proceed to DL/AL-166, then tour the grounds, have something to eat, and return to Strahlungen. This schedule may be modified by family decisions.

I hope to hear many of you on the air for my first activations after making Mountain Goat.

Vy71 - Mike - KD5KC
Strahlungen, Germany - JO50cg
W5-SOTA Association Manager

Hi Mike

Congratulations on gaining Mountain Goat status on your last summit. Thanks for all the chaser and s2s points along the way.

73 Allan GW4VPX

Congratulations Mike, still waiting for the photo of the box :wink:

OE/TI-670 was a beautiful summit. It was also a nearly perfect hike from DL/AL-166.

I did not activate DL/AL-166 as the family was in a hurry to get home. However, a day earlier I did activate DL/AM-031, which was another beautiful summit, if a little more difficult to reach. I did check out DL/AL-166, and perhaps I can do it when I return in 2 years with the other half of my family.

Thanks all for the help, it has been a GREAT vacation.

Vy73 - Mike - DL/KD5KC
Strahlungen, Germany - JO50cg
W5-SOTA Association Manager.

Good morning all,

We are all safely back home to El Paso Texas. I wanted to thank the many who gave my suggestions, ultimately allowing me to add DL and OE to the list of associations I have activated. Because I had a lot of family traveling, my time was limited. Your suggestions were what allowed me to succeed with the little time I had.

As always, if you are passing through West Texas, get in contact with me. I would be happy to allow you to use our bunk-house as a base of operations for TX and NM summits.

Thanks much!

Vy73 - Mike - KD5KC.
El Paso, Texas - DM61rt.
W5-SOTA Association Manager.

Hi Mike,

Glad that you are all back home safe and sound. Thanks for the summits and really pleased you had a great time.

Best wishes

Good to hear you had fun. Once again our paths didn’t quite align! You’re back home and I’ve just arrived for Friedrichshafen. Next time Mike.