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Tmrw on dm-bw-183 with longwire


hello friends,
tmrw i will activate dm-bw-183 to test a lw with 61m / 197 feet with ground radial 40m long.The summit has a flat top and mni trees , so its ideal for building this antenna.Maybe i try first time 160m-band, anyone have a tip would qrg´s to use for sota/cw ? think antenna also working good on 80m.at this weekend are many contests ( uba-dx-cw,ref-contest and rtty and so on…) , so i think its not easy on hf . So the procedure for this weekend is to start on 7.032-cw ( not all cw-op´s can up 7100 ) , then 7.115 first in cw and then ssb.After 10.118-cw,3.558-cw,3.615-ssb and maybe a qrg in 160m-band. On 30m antenna don´t work so good , but often on 30m is ei7cc and 2e0ooo to work me. on sunday i will activate 2 or 3 summits if wx ok ! info abt. my signals after dm-bw.183 would be nice.sota is not only counting points for me, my goal is it to reach as many chasers as possible. so newest time also qrv on ssb , with the result = i use bigger antennas … but the qso-rate is ok the last activations and i have much fun .sorry for my limited english,but i think it´s ok to understand ;-)))

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN


In reply to DF2GN:

Good luck with the new antenna Klaus.
Thanks for the many cw contacts and I’ll be listening for you this weekend on all summits cw.
Your English is excellent by the way.

73 de Mike


In reply to GW0DSP:
fine signals also from you Mike.Antenna working fine.Good signals on 80m too.50 QSO´s in that Contest-Chaos don´t bad.But the negative today is , that the antenna-output at the tuner was shorted at the last qso with GW4BVE on 80m-ssb.The short time the output-connector from the tuner shorted was enough to blow up one of my final output mosfet´s . but john here me with 400mWatt and this antenna.So the next week i´m only qrv in cw.think my dealer needs not so long to send me a new final-unit for the ft-817.hpe to have more time to work at my homebrew ssb-trx.on my homemade cw-trx you can transmit 5min with 5 watt out without any antenna connected , and thats no problem for the PA ! 1 : 0 for homebrew,hi.

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN


In reply to DF2GN:

Sorry to hear about your ssb radio, many UK stations will be disappointed at your bad news because you are always a very big signal to the UK.
The home brew tx sounds very good, tx for 5 minutes with no ant and the pa survives. Sounds just the job for /P operation.
Thanks for the cw contact today 25/02/2007 on 10MHz, big sigs from you as usual.
So, you are taking a short break from SOTA activity. 37 summits this year is a magnificant achievement for you, so enjoy the break.
Your many friends in the UK will look forward to your return to SOTA activations.

VY 73 de Mike