Tmrw agn sota

and thanks all for qso´s today on DM/BW-020 “Brend” . Tomorrow after work i be also in the same area.I try to activate Bw-23 or BW-44 in the time from 1300-1500utc.But only with my 20m-LW and 5 watts. QRG´s are 7.032,7.068 +/- qrm , 3.558 , 10.118khc.

hpe cu tmrw…73 Klaus DF2GN

In reply to DF2GN:
hello Klaus, thanks for all the nice activations! y hope the propagation up
in the futur! it’s difficult in this moment! with poor conditions, and equipement
is little hi ft757gx and g5rv not to hight.
best 73’s
f5nep Lionel