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Tips for snowshoe SOTAs in southern Maine/New Hampshire?

For two weeks in late December I will be visiting family in seacoast New Hampshire. My family has expressed a desire to spend a day on snowshoes, and they are very tolerant of my SOTA addiction. So, does anyone have any recommendations for snowshoe SOTAs in southern Maine or even New Hampshire? Nothing too overly ambitious, but two hours out and two hours back in is certainly in the “budget”.

W1/AM-381 Mt Agimenticus is probably a good option. I’ve only been in the summer, but it seemed like it would be a nice snowshoe hike. Nice views on top too.

I’ll be visiting family over Christmas break, but in southern NH. I have a bunch of southern NH summits on my list to do, but they might be farther than you want to travel to.

Thanks for the tip, Jeff. Yeah, I’ve been on Mt. Aggie, it’s my default, looking to see if there are any good alternatives. What southern NH summits are you thinking of? My base of operation will be North Hampton. If you think we might be able to hook up, send me a PM.

Mostly summits in the Monadnock region, and some of the MV summits west of 93. Maybe some of the CR summits in MA too. I was also looking today at the NL summits, maybe I’ll try some of those.

All my plans depend on me being able to use a car, so who knows how many I’ll be able to get.