Tips for GW/MW-032

I am going out for the day and my mum say if the WX is good I can activate a summit or 2 and MW-032 is on the way tips plz as there no tips could someone out of the 6 how have activated it give tips.


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This thread may help:



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Thanks Richard i will put this summit to the back of the list being where the summit is and where I am at the time.


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Long Mountain - Beacon Ring MW-026 [2min walk] or Y Golfa [dodge the golfers] nearby are open. Allt y Main NW-059 is a good one - dramatic viewpoint above Meifod, narrow top with fence and trig [luxury] and a waymarked,ankle kind trail to the top. I’d like to go to Upper Park one day too.
David M0YDH

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Allt y Main NW-059 is a good one - and a
waymarked,ankle kind trail to the top.

I beg to differ David - not when it’s very muddy it ain’t! It can then be re-classified an ankle breaker in my case! Now MW-027 Moel y Golfa, on the other hand … :wink:

Glad you got down safely from Y Lliwedd & Yr Wyddfa.


Hi Ricky,

I agree with David about Y Golfa GW/NW-061. One of my favorite summits. Park at the golf club and you can be at the trig point in about 20 minutes.

Tricky one working VHF vertical QRP and and will be very difficult to qualify on a hand held. Good HF summit.

73 Mike

Hi Ricky

MW-030 Stingwern Hill is also nearby and worth considering. It’s a very short walk if your Mum is waiting. Plenty of tips for this one.


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Thanks the tips I will be looking in MW-030 as well as NW-061 MW-026 WB-010 CE-002 all on the wx and time hopeing to do 1 2 or 3 summits.