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Time to say Good-bye ...

… to CT3/Madeira after a short holiday. I found a very beautiful island here, with spectacular mountains, a beautiful landscape, nice villages and friendly people.

I found a lot of information about the summits in the reports here, many thanks to G4OBK, G4OOE, M0BLF, DJ2FR and G4YSS. So I could see what is possible, and what is not.

I could reach 4 summits, a big thank you goes to all chasers, who made the activations a real pleasure. I am happy with nearly 300 QSOs from the summits, plus some activity from lighthouses and a FF-area.

73 Martin, DF3MC


Thank you for our QSO. :slight_smile:

Looking at the background in your photo I’m guessing some of the summits are seriously steep and need a rope and a head for heights?

Hopeyou hada great time! And thanks for our QSO! That’s big DX for a SOTA QSO!
73, John, K6YK

MI-003 is definitely the territory for serious rock climbers and MI-007 needs a major expedition to find a route up. If you do not like exposure then a lot of the hills are not for you - and neither are some of the levada walks. Other hills are either a drive-on or a reasonably OK, if strenuous walk.

Beautiful island, I will be back in March even though they have cancelled Carnival :cry:


DX; Known these days, as social distancing done right!