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Time problem


Im having a bit of a problem which i have found out today , i can spot myself via sms or my phones internet browser and yes the spots coming up on test but if i view them they are out by 1 hour . from my screen on laptop and my phone everything is out by 1 hour not just my spots .I know the time is in UTC but i thought UTC was the same as GMT ?

Any ideas ?

Matt 2E0FGX


As you can see the time on my laptop is 1 hour in front which is the same time on my phones clock .

Matt 2E0FGX


Hi Matt,

Your laptop and phone show daylight saving time which in your time zone is 1 hour ahead of UTC (or GMT).



good point , here in uk in spring we have gone 1 hour forward .

How do i spot myself without being a hour out ? or can i just put GMT in the notes section ?

Matt 2E0FGX


You don’t enter the time when you spot someone. You enter their call, freq, mode, summit and a comment and that’s it. The time is time the spot is received and is in GMT. Job done.


You need to enter time only in alert section of SOTAwatch and you just enter the UTC time.


Andy i dont enter the time when i have spotted myself , all im putting it down to is here at the moment we are +1hr of UTC so when anyone is looking on sotawatch from our timezone they just need to think to minus 1 hour off … or am i wrong ?

Matt 2E0FGX


great so when i do enter an alert i just minus 1 hour untill the clocks change again ?

Matt 2E0FGX


There are no timezones in SOTA. Everything is UTC (or GMT if you are old like me). Everything is always UTC so that anyone, anywhere in the world knows when something is happening or happened. You need to adjust UTC to your local time if you want the time to match the time on your wrist. People in W6-land know completely how to adjust UTC to PST or PDT for example.

The actual display does say the time being used.





great glad thats sorted … no issue really but least i know now ,

cheers Andy .

Matt 2E0FGX