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Time Out!

Well there was me thinking the the activator called the time on a qso.
While working ea7/on7dq/p at 1245gmt today I returned to Luc to say sorry I
failed to copy his over because of the so called sota chasers calling over the
top of him,this was followed by a barrage of abuse from the Spanish contingency
who had decided I had long enough although, it was Luc returning to me.
Rude and inconsiderate but isn’t that what the sota COMPETITION is coming to now?
I immediately turned the switch to the off position and decided enough was enough today.
I may do the same tomorrow as I did today and go for a leisurely walk with the wife which makes much more sense with no abuse. 73 Don G0RQL.


Manners maketh the ham!

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So sorry to hear that Don.

I gave up this morning when trying to chase Bill F/G4WSB. Bank holiday madness. No doubt those concerned will not see your post but I should think normal services will be resumed next week.

Catch you from a summit soon and regards to Maureen.

73 Allan GW4VPX

Reading this with regret - had missed you in the afternoon, Don, you’re always welcome with me and always a good indication for the propagation. Tomorrow shall be a new day!

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

Sorry to hear that Don, It is always a pleasure to be chased from Devon!

Don, did you note the callsigns of the offending stations?

Glad to be chased by you today before.
It’s no fun when people play without knowing the rules of the game.


I think Brian most of the problem was I believe Luc was operating from not just a sota summit but one similar to WWFF or may be it was WWFF so most of the calls
had they given them were obviously chasing that.
There was one very regular call who had his say but just commented that I had worked Luc.Not the point, Luc had come back to me with a response to lack of
activity up to now on ssb when he had been calling. Don.

Yes did get out of had a bit, so parked the mike waited a bit longer and broke the pile up with one call. Love it when it happens. breaking the pile up with one call with my silly station :slight_smile:


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Well if they were just WWFF riff-raff there is nothing to be done, but if they were chasers listed in the database I could email them saying that I had received a complaint about their operating, and pointing out a few relevant items in the General Rules. This usually has a beneficial effect!:grinning:

Its worthwhile quoting from a post of mine from back in 2012:

With apologies to the immortal W.S.Gilbert who I have tried to savage as little as possible:

As some day it may happen that a victim must be found
I’ve got a little list - I’ve got a little list
Of Chaser-type offenders who might well be underground
And who never would be missed - who never would be missed.
There’s the pestilential nuisances who call and call and call
and if they cannot hear you they will call you all the more.
All children with a microphone who floor you with it flat,
all persons who on keying up will block you just like that,
and all third persons who on spoiling contacts just insist.
They’d none of them be missed - they’d none of them be missed!

He’s got them on the list - he’s got them on the list;
And they never will be missed - they never will be missed!

I’ve not gone as far as banning anyone yet, but I have sent a number of gentle reminders that the power to do this is incorporated in the General Rules. It would be a sad day if I ever had to do it, but we can and will protect our activators.


WWFF can get a bit rowdy can’t it, Don. There are most definitely some repeat offenders, and I’m sorry you felt the need to switch off. It’s not often these days I’ll persist in fighting through them. Sometimes, like Karl, I do try to dive in there and hope!

As a relative “newbie” I’m always privileged to hear you - you’ve helped me complete SOTA activations, and QRP WWFF activations (not easy!) more than once. I hope you enjoyed your walk, and I look forward to speaking again before long.

73 Helen M0TMD

I would not have said better, tnx Marcus.

Dear OM Don, I have learnd from you the English saying “Tomorrow is another day”. HW?
Hope to hear you tomorrow!

WS Gibert also wrote “they all shall equal be… “ but as we well know that was satire…

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I had to look that one up - I’ve gigged in the orchester pit for a number of operettas but never did the Gondoliers!

Well that’s rather harsh Brian. There are some seriously good chasers interested in WWFF and I have had some very pleasant contacts with them. Indeed, there have been a number of occasions when they have added to my log when I have been struggling for contacts from SOTA chasers.

It is very unfortunate that there are rabble associated with the WWFF scheme and you have to agree that there have been instances when this has been the case within SOTA. Indeed any scheme will attract those not prepared to be polite and courteous - radio operations reflect society. The actions of the few can spoil it for the many.

I am really sorry to hear that Don has been subject to this abuse as he is a gentleman and a pleasure to speak to. I sincerely hope that this proves to be a rare occurrence.

73, Gerald


I intended it to be taken as humour, Gerald - it is typically English to be affectionately rude to your friends and icily polite to your enemies!

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