Tick Alert!

That’s one of my house-husband duties. Our new rescue dog, a handsome 4yo male golden retriever, unaccustomed to life outside of the breeder’s compound has recently discovered on country walks and SOTA activations the joys of lying down flat out in muddy puddles and then rolling on his back in the grass. He picks up a lot of ticks (our vet calls G/LD ‘tick central’).
2024-0711 Wilbur Gummers How
At Gummers How summit today

Fortunately, he and my other dog are tick’d and the black ones are easy to spot on his fair hair. But what worries me are the ones he sheds in the car or the house which come for us.


I was going to post something similar, but as you’ve already created a thread:

I was at G/SC-004 the other night, and acquired 2 ticks, as well as 9 spider bites (the small red ones).

It wasn’t like that earlier in the year (I’ve been there twice). I see that longhorn cattle are loose in the area (probably the source of ticks), so my advice is to stay away from the trig point for the time being.

Yours (itching and scratching until the forseeable future),

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Is it me or are there more ticks around in Great Britain this year? I manage to acquire 2 of them during our Scottish tour (2 weeks apart) and they were incredibly small - mymphs i believe. The one between my toes (??!) was very difficult to spot and also remove and may have been there for 36 hours I regret to say. It was only the second day of our trip and i’d rather forgotten about them. I have now discovered that, 2 months later, they have grown quite a bit larger as I got one on my left shoulder (he was probably on the way somewhere else but I found him pretty quickly). This was on the lowly G/WB-013 Garway Hill (near Abergavenny) which has lots of bracken but the paths are usually fairly wide. However I do try to ensure they stay open by stamping on small plants on my way - perhaps not a good idea?? I’ve never seen any deer there (but Kenchurch deer park is very close) however the herd of horses was round the pond - do they carry ticks?
On the way up we were watching about 7 horses at the pond and one was in the middle eating the water weed contentedly - until a dog owner let their terrier go into the water and almost reach the horse before pulling him back. Needless to say, the horse was spooked by this and soon left the water and all the other horses were very stressed.and moved away. No surprise there was no sign of them when we walked back down. The views from the top were super and it was lovely to be out - but i could have done without the souvenir!

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Yes. Humphrey is coming in with ticks every single day. He’s seven years old. Previously he averaged about one a year.

I haven’t picked up any yet but I’ve been really cautious around bracken and low branches. I tend to wear long sleeves and long trousers most of the time.

Deer ticks will crawl on human skin but don’t go any deeper.

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Yes, it’s wetter, damper. For an explanation as to why, see the link in my post 47 above. (Executive summary: humidity of >85%)


A good link about ticks in VK. Tick bites - symptoms, treatments and prevention | healthdirect

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