Thursday on G/CE-005 - M/K7ATN

I will be activate Wendover Woods (G/CE-005) on Thursday around 1400 UTC.
Check my alert for any updates. Weather dependent of course - looks like the typical spring-like variations.
A new association for me - I’ll be trying the northern trig point.
I will be delighted to work those nearby on 145.500 or 145.550-FM.

Sadly I won’t be around to work you Etienne (I live at the bottom of the hill). If you struggle to gather 2m FM QSOs, I would suggest calling on GB3VA (145.700 CTCSS 118.8 -600 shift) and dragging any respondents onto a simplex channel.

Good luck…

73 Marc currently DL/G0AZS

Hi Etienne,

Will it be hand held only, something a little more powerful, or will you have any sort of beam?



Hello Don (el al) -
No beam, no fancy antenna, just a 2W Baofeng HT with factory whip. I’m traveling very light on this trip.
I have worked +30 km with this set up before and would like to contact any local SOTA folk before trying HF.
73, Etienne-M/K7ATN