This weekend

hi all,
at saturday i will go in the black-forest to make some works on a new
doublet 2 x 26m who handles also qro.will do this works on the summit.
also make a extension on my linked dipol for 80m-band.
spot the summits at saturday morning or abt. 1 hour before.

think 1 or 2 summits at saturday.
i like to see how the bigger antennas work with qro.but every activation i start as qrp 5w-cw 10w-ssb, and after the first minutes and worked a few stations i qrx and then i will do 50 to 70watt in cw and up to 100watt in ssb.
will start every summit on 7032-cw ( and hope to enjoy a little pile-up :wink: )( a spot in dx-cluster can be nice on 30m to work sum new stns )
then 7096-ssb…then 10118-cw and last band 3.558-cw…and maybe again 7032 for last calls.

at sunday i will do 1 or 2 summits in the hegau area, but not sure . depends
on saturday.
if too many snow in back-forest at saturday i go in hegau-area / lake of constance at saturday. not so high and no snow there …

vy 73 es cu …Klaus

p.s. pse keep qso´s short on first summit,because i´m on the summit
1 or 2 hours before to do the works on antennas. so maybe i´m cold enough at the beginning of operation :wink:

GL on the cold summits Klaus.
Dont forget your gloves and take care in the black-forest!
This weekend are more than 10 contests…hope not to much QRM.
You can find their times on:
On Saturday I have to work and on Sunday we have a
family-event. Hope to give you a short rprt in between!

Vy73 es AWDH
Fritz DL4FDM

home now again :wink:

thanks all takers and for the nice ssb-pile up today on DM/BW-116…

think the qro-stuff works ok at a weekend with contests.
ant. was a 2x26m dipol that i build on the summit DM/BW-108.
Normal i build that for 80m, but today lousy conditions on 80.

leaved DM/BW-108 after over 70qso´s , due to that i´m on the summit since a longer time to work on the antenna , and fingers wan´t work ok to do cw anymore in the ice-wind today

on DM/BW-116 again over 100 qso´s in the log . maybe my first activation
with more ssb as cw contacts .

tmrw i will spent my time with a runnig tour in the black-forest.
if i have time i will activate a summit in that area and will spotlite

vy 73 Klaus … ooohllllaaaaa