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The Yukon (VY1) is on the air!

I was activating The Rimwall (VE6/JF-027) in Alberta, Canada, two days ago on June 26, and was very happy to be chased by Ray, VY1RF in Whitehorse. I was operating 28 watts, SSB on 20m over a distance of about 1600 km.
On returning home to Calgary I checked the SOTA records for Yukon, and found that as yet there are no recorded activations or chases. So I am hoping that this might be the start of many contacts.

When the Yukon SOTA association was implemented, I did look at travel, but from Calgary Alberta it is a 2,250km drive, or $750 airfare one-way to Whitehorse. So not a week-end trip to pick up a couple of peaks! I will keep it on my list of possibles though.

Looking forward to more contacts,


That’s good news. I see the mapping has 310 summits just in the Whitehorse area. It is our plans next summer to vacation there. I will be taking my stuff with me. Send the XYL on a fishing charter and I can do a summit activation or two.