The vintage spirit of sota

The Easington Fell event will be going ahead with one or two modifications. In essence the theme is as per the title plus silly hats, cream tea, fine vintage French Margot and an excellent Wensledale cheese fresh from Hawes. In other words it will be a friendly picnic with friendly sotaeers. SOTA PATRA NOSTRA (apologies about that to the elite arm that carries the motto)

Times will remain the same.

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Nice one and I hope you have many true sota followers.I would be with you but have made other arangements.All the best I hope you have a super day Geoff.

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Hi Myke

Hope to join you if I can get pass signed and can afford to put fuel in car :frowning:
May do Longridge as well so will be looking for 4m StoS.

Roger G4OWG

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Hi Myke

I will see you there.

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There will also be Strawberries and Champagne. So should fill each one of us up. Mind you there may not be a lot a RT stuff.

The theme for the event will be “Honneur et Fidelity”.

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Hi Myke.I went over Waddington fell yesterday and there were road works next to the parking layby for Easington Fell.There are traffic lights on and half the layby is being used as the road the other half is coned off.Hopefully it is all clear for your Easington Fell activity but I thought it was just worth tipping you off.You could use the Moorcock pub car park if all else fails.Sorry I cant attend I am going up to the Lakes.But will be listening for you.All the best Geoff.

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Many thanks for that, it is great to have prior warning.

There is another layby just a wee bit further down which may be clear.

I need to cater for all attendees so please if you are attending please let me know by Wed. The cheese will be genuine Wenlesdale from Hawes.

It is also hoped to have 144 M/cs AM operational as well. Just to be different

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Hi myke
Myself 2E0RCS and Janine M3VQB will be in attendance With the hats as well,
Should be a good day and look forward to putting callsigns to faces.What time is kickoff myke.
Scott 2e0rcs

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“Cheese Grommit - is it Wensleydale?”

If I can avoid the ‘Wrong Trousers’ and the ‘Were-Rabbit’ lets me have the car I’ll be there.

What time?

Roger G4OWG

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I will be there and hopefully my first and last activation on this callsign Too !

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Time is 1300 Lancashire Time (local)

Hope the weather is kind

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Hi Myke,

I would just like to let you know that myself and Dave G3VUS are still attending on Sunday.

Not sure what bands to take, what do you reckon 23cms or 4mts F.M ?


Nick G0HIK

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Hi Myke, I will be in attendance on Sunday. Looking forward to it.

Silly hat is primed and ready to go!

Colin M0CGH

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Hi Myke it is still on for Phil and myself G1OPV / G0HDX
9-30 Broadoak Ambulance station talk in 433.5

Confirming that myself, Jimmy and Liam definitely in attendance, and all big fans of Hawes Wensleydale cheese. And scones. And wine.

Looking forward to it! Marianne wants to come as well - but she has a night-shift the night before. She was rather jealous about it all earlier on. Never known that at the prospect of a SOTA trip before!


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“White Base” - Lancashire County Council Ambulance Control in Accrington 0930 on Sun still on. Oh !!! to long for the days when it was a proper ambulance service and a lot busier too. So I worked for “Red Base” but it was all Lancashire County. Big white Bedford CD ambulances - beautiful. Alas those pioneering days are long gone. Please bring a change of footwear as Ermintrude hates dirty boots

We have to be in Sainsbury’s cafe at 1010 to collect another traditional “SOTAeer” so a good opportunity to have breakfast.

Tom, my memory is a wee bit hazy but I seem to remember that Marianne was at the Grasmere weekend one Jan. If memory serves me correct then the weather was superb and we had an adventurous time. Oh for those totally mad old days.

I shall be taking Wensleydale cheese and biscuits, 1 dozen scones, butter, jam and cream plus a bottle of wine (and I do not consume alcohol) could people please ensure that they bring some for themselves otherwise it becomes difficult to transport. Did try to find a camel to transport the goodies but had to settle for a dromedary instead.

Can someone please bring a corkscrew and could you bring your own tin glasses to drink out of. Additonal bottles of wine would be apreciated but remember some of us may be driving so be careful.


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Any update on the road works Mike?

Roger G4OWG

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Will check these tomorrow, Fri, en-route to Hawes for the cheese

Will advise

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They were still there this morning en route to Hawes.

However it may be possible to park in the layby as according to “Pat and Mick” they will leave plenty of room.

Alternative parking is available at: SD713/484 and SD 718/483

Pick up 0930 at White Base, Accrington and then to Sainsbury, Burnley for Breakfast.

See you Sun and the weather forecast looks good

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looks good for tropo on 144mhz this weekend. hope eveyone enjoys them selfs. will have handheld with me on sunday. Steve m0sgb