The video of EA5FV/P, activating the SOTA EA5/MU-066

Hello everyone,
The SOTA EA5/MU-066 is very special, for the way to climb to the top. I have recorded the whole expedition with the camera, to see the fun. I was able to record two S2S that were very exciting (DL6FBK/P and IK2LEY/P). I hope you enjoy watching the video!


Hi Dani,

hearing your voice on the way up I could feel almost like climbing with you, hi!
Congrats for your new video and your fast S2S and keying, as usual!

Take care, espero escucharte de nuevo muy pronto, un abrazo
VY 73 de Ignacio

Hi Dani,
Congratulations for the great effort climbing EA5/MU-066 and QSO too!! Very nice video.
Thanks you very much for the many summits references you gave us.

Espero cazarte muchas veces mas en el futuro, muchas gracias Dani!!
Cordiales 73

Thanks friends !!!
If it were not for all of you …