The Tarrens 2020

GW/NW-033 Tarren y Gesail and GW/NW-036 Tarrenhendre 11/10/2020

I’d been putting these two off for years so as it was within my range to activate and not stop off anywhere on the way I decided to make these two my target for the day. As there are various approaches to these two I discussed my route with my friends and fellow activators Simon G4TJC, Gerald MW0WML and Karen 2E0XYL. From the discussions I stitched together a circular route which would give me a good work out. I’d like to point out that two parts of my route (including downloadable GPS files) are on the SOTA Mapping page as uploaded by Simon Tracks - view, create or upload tracks or routes to SOTA summits - A wonderful resource which should be your first port of call when planning an activation. My route today is not the only one but did not involve any bog trotting or having to climb over fallen trees in the forestry. However, it was a fair test of stamina. I only saw two people all day but thoroughly enjoyed my day on the mountains playing radio. Thanks to all the chasers with 28 contacts on the first and 18 on the second.

Tarren y Gesail


On my way across the ridgeline towards a very distant Tarrenhendre

Cardigan Bay

Printed my route on waterproof paper …didn’t rain

More information and photos on my blog

73 Allan GW4VPX


Doable on a mountain bike?

Hi Richard

Not really. Yes for Tarren y Gesail with the final 500m steep kick up on foot…great ride back down.

@G3CWI On reflection you could do this:-

Parking spot is SH689059 (plenty of room) cycle up to SH 704054 on forestry track (excellent surface and not too steep) then on foot for 500m to summit of Tarren y Gesail

Back to parking spot then cycle to SH 679048 on forestry track (excellent surface)…backtrack my route. On foot take the steep climb up through gulley (300m) then follow fence to summit of Tarrenhendre.(again steep)

E-bike would be ideal. Road up to the parking spot is narrow and roughish for half the distance. There is a bridge half way up which is quite narrow with armco. A small caravanette was up at the parking spot when I arrived back there from the summits. For more photos see my blog

73 Allan

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Cracking update Allan. Two lovely hills.


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Might try that sometime if the Welsh border remains open!

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