The Stob: Correct Reference

I’ve tried everything I can think of to put the blame onto Brian G(M)4ZRP but nothing will stick! So, yes, it was me who cut down the Cherry tree. Er no… It was me who was giving the wrong reference for the first half of our activation. The correct reference is SS-048 and not CS-048. Now what’s annoying is that I’m the GM AM and I should know these things. Worse, the pair of us discussed that the SS area covers a huge area of Scotland whilst CS/ES are really much, much smaller, and that The Stob was SS-048 last night.

I put the faux pas down to the visual delights we had having climbed out of a temperature inversion into brilliant weather. Scorching hot sun, no wind and the most amazing colours I’ve seen from a summit for a long time.

So the correct reference was SS-048 and I’m fairly sure I sent G4ZIB SS-047 on the key to compound my errors.

Oh, and after 193 summits, this might be the best of all the summits I’ve been up. A Munro multi-completist I work with always raves about this wee lump and now I know why. Views to die for!