The Shropshire 5 (as said before 1 outside just)

Hi All
I am planning on activating the famous 5 this Saturday, done all of them before and 3 in one day but not all 5.
Wish me luck, I think my fitness levels have regained from before my illness (time will tell). I am planning as follows: Brown Clee, Titterstone, Corndon, Stiperstones and finally Pole Bank. These will be quick activation’s and only on 2M FM, sorry no Morse this week. I know some will say thank you for thank lol.


Interesting order!

I tend to start on Brown Clee and finish on Corndon. I once tried it the opposite direction, but ran out of time and had to miss the last one.

That day out will be happening in the next few weeks!

Have a great day Paul, and, indeed, good luck! (The main luck you need is no ice on the roads over the Long Mynd).

Hi Tom
I thought hardest first and titterston close so has to be second, then corndon the next hardest and then the last two easily the closest.

Fingers crossed lol