The Phoenix and the Dragon

The Phoenix has risen from the ashes in the land of the Dragon and the North Wales Radio Rally is back see–> <–for details.

Personally I skipped a little two-step and hummed a little bit of Ride of the Valkyries (the music by Wagner that you hear played from the helicopters in Apocalypse Now) when I heard. Yippee! :0D

Looks like I am going to miss most of the rallies this year due to my shift pattern so I will be there, come hell or high water.

Regards Steve GW7AAV

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Excellent !

Used to really enjoy going to this one - and so did the XYL as she likes Llandudno. Used to make it a good day out and finish off with fish n chips in Conwy.

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Steve, another interpretation of the Ride of the Valkyries - with nice summits :slight_smile: however … (a little bit off topic - DONT LOUGH :smiley: )

73, Mario

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Hooray! As seemingly the only radio amateur in Bangor University, this makes my day (or year =) ). I went to the 2005 rally and loved it - it nearly broke my heart when 2006 was cancelled.

Dave, 2E0BYA.