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The perfect SOTA pencil?


did anybody find the perfect SOTA pencil so far? Some of them don’t like cold temperatures, some fail on wet paper. Some even crack right in the pile-up.

This is a serious request, not a joke!

73s de Tom, DJ5RE

In reply to DJ5RE:

I use these: http://bit.ly/hbB2TY

They weigh next to nothing, come in nice bright colours for visibility, and are always sharp. I haven’t tried them in extreme cold. I use waterproof paper and they always write perfectly on that.

In reply to DJ5RE:

Ich benutze seit über 30 Jahren nur Parker Kugelschreiber für CW und Log. Hat mich noch nie im Stich gelassen, außer, wenn ich ihn mal wieder verloren habe :wink:

73, Mario

In reply to DJ5RE:

ich haben in meinem Rucksack fast immer 5 Kugelschreiber dabei. Einer geht immer :slight_smile:

VG Jörg

In reply to all:
Thanks for all your replies. I also use those mechanical pencils. They are good, as they are always sharp. Of course the break in the best pile-up, hi. When my paper was wet on the last activity I got holes in it (0,5mm version). But I also have bad experience with biros when it is cold. I work in construction areas outside, but I still have not yet found the perfect solution.
What is “waterproof paper”? Is it from diving suppliers?

Tom, DJ5RE

In reply to DJ5RE:
Dear DJ4RE,
here we are: Rite in the Rain Field Flex Notizbuch, at globetrotter.de for 6,95 EUR. Since I have bought this stuff, I have never get rainy weather again.
good luck,
stephan, dd6do