The Mountain

For those that don’t know (UK) TV Itv Wales

Its all about Snowdon and the Mountain Rescue team, six part series. Can not see any mention of it on the reflector topics…

No sign of MW0WML Yet :wink:

Ha ha… Not my team… Llanberis Mountain Rescue team, although I know Rob Johnson who is the chap fronting the MR portion of the programme.

Rob is a local outdoor instructor.

I’m quite enjoying it.

Actually, next weeks episode covers the Snowdon Mountain Race in 2014. I was there for that, part of the team providing First Aid cover for the race… so I might pop up! :smile:

The race was shortened (I believe for the first time) due to a serious risk of lightning strikes.

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Yes, an excellent series with an interesting insight into the lives of those that work on and below the mountain. I’ll be on the lookout for you next week Gerald :smile:

Allan GW4VPX

Its brilliant !

It gives an excellent insight into the MR.

Its made my Mother a little more nervous though, as she had watched the program before me …


Got round to watching this weeks episode of “The Mountain”. I didn’t feature, but a couple of my team mates made a fleeting appearance. Near the end of the Snowdon race section there was a person stretchered off from by Halfway House. That was a mixed group of NEWSAR and Aberglaslyn MR team members. The Llanberis team don’t usually put people on the mountain as first aid cover for the race. As it is the summer they often have their hands full with other non race related incidents that may occur at the same time. So for the last few years NEWSAR and Aberglaslyn provide the hill troops to tend to the injured. Given the speed many of them descend it is amazing that most of the 600 runners seem to survive relatively unscathed, but I’ve personally witnessed runners go “head over heels” and think “ouch, that’s going to be a mess”, only for them to bounce back onto their feet sporting a few cuts and just continue running.

If a serious incident occurs we involve Llanberis MR as well so they can co-ordinate on the mountain as they know their own “patch” best. The railway is superb and injured folk often get taken down to Llanberis that way.

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Hi Gerald

Thanks for the information. Yes, I was glued to the TV last night and so disappointed that you were not featured :slight_smile:

Thoroughly enjoyed the episode and looking forward to the next one.

Sorry we haven’t made that joint activation but both of us have been busy with our own winter activations. My main focus this year will be North Wales so I’ll be in touch.

73 Allan GW4VPX

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You will love it Allan, I can not stay away from it.

Hi Jonathan

Yes, looking forward to spending some time up there and brushing up on my North Wales accent at the moment :smile:

I’m also looking forward to that first s2s with GW2HFR… :smile:

73 Allan GW4VPX

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