The Most Fun You Ever Had Getting Off Route?

Has this ever happened to you? You get off route on a summit and it ends up being more fun than if you had done it the “right” way. Mountaineering can be serendipitous that way.

Last weekend I made a wrong turn and ended up on a delightful circumnavigation of the Rough And Ready Hills (W5N/RO-015) in southern New Mexico. I’ve never had more fun doubling the miles and elevation gain. Here is a short one minute video from this fun day.

The reason I got off route is that since the last activation eight years ago the east side of this mountain has become a popular rock climbing spot. I mistakenly thought the climber’s trail was a use trail to the summit. It is, after a fashion in that if folows a delightful series of ledges at the base of the cliff and eventually goes up a well marked climber’s walk-off route.

73 Eric KG6MZS


LOL … camped there, and went to the one behind also. Have fun Eric.

fred kt5x


Following in the footsteps of the master :wink: When I got to the parking area there was a car there and I thought great somebody else is activating today because who else would be way out there? Turns out it was a group of rock climbers. They told me there was a walk off route so I continued on around.