The mass EU chasers are simply too strong...

If I had a pound (£) for every time I have heard a chaser tell an activator that he has a S2S call in the pile-up I could at the least afford a new PSU!


That’s why you’re the Summit to Summit Champ. :grinning:

It rarely occurs to me to go hunting around for other summits, unless I’m taking part in a special SOTA event. I just work the pile up and then change bands or move on.


That’s it…

73 Armin


What can be done?
Wait for the big guns to finish or wait for a amabily chaser to help you. When I listen to a SOTA station, I always announce it to the activator, on CW CLNG S2S.
73 José

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After reading this thread yesterday, on today’s activations (G/LD-020 and G/LD-021) I tried a new approach during each pileup. Every five or so QSOs, I asked for only QRP or S2S stations to call in - and everyone else to please stand by. Being a Monday, I expected complete silence, but to my surprise it worked - I got a number of S2S contacts who would normally never have had a chance (signal report 33 etc). I’m also glad to report that not one “strong” station took advantage of the pause in the pile up, everyone played fair.

73 Dave


Glad to hear it worked well for you that is the way to work pile ups couple of years ago I put a post up complainging about the standard of operating and suggested what you have done and also to do numbers just like DX-peditions but got slaughtered including the quote" you only want that because your callsign has 1 in it" how shallow and ignorant what happens if I join the party at number 2 or 3 I have to wait but its better than listening to people drowning out one another so keep up the good work.


It probably works for SOTA but I find it frustrating in a big DX pile-up, because often he works lots of low number stations but by the time the guy reaches 8 he has got fed up, only works a few then goes on to 9, works a few, then goes back to the start! This has happened to me several times, its one of the reasons I lost interest in chasing DX. I don’t mind being at the back of the queue but I do mind not getting a fair crack of the whip!