The Living Mountain: BBC TV

This TV program was shown last night on local BBC TV here in Scotland. As the description says “A forgotten literary masterpiece celebrating the majesty of the Cairngorm mountains is the subject of a new documentary presented by travel writer Robert MacFarlane.” I knew it was on but managed to miss it. An email from Barry GM4TOE saying how wonderful it was made me search it out.

Technology to the rescue, you can watch it online for the next 6 days using the BBC iPlayer. There are some wonderful vistas and images and it’s well worth 30mins of your life.

There is one “gotcha”… the BBC is funded by licence payers in the UK and so if your IP address says you are not in the UK you will probably be told you cannot watch the program. There are ways around this if you do a little digging. It certainly wouldn’t let me watch when it thought I was in Zurich!

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