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The KN-Q7A kit is back (as the CS-20/CS-40)

About six months ago Adam Rong announced the End of Life for the original KN-Q7A 10W SSB portable kit. This made me sad because I’d been meaning to pick one up but kept putting it off, it looked like an excellent monoband SSB rig for lightweight SOTA. Now it’s back with a new name and a new arduino controlled DDS VFO. Also upgraded is the final PA amp to an IRF510 and the lowpass filter. Price for the run shipping April 10 is $155 USD, including speaker mic and shipping.

Youtube demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2RQTk1blUA

CRKits website: http://www.crkits.com/

It’s a shame a digital frequency readout hasn’t been added to the CS series kit rather than just a flashing LED. That was always a problem with the KN-Q7A (I have the 20m version) - you never knew what frequency you were receiving / transmitting on (it had absolutely no indicator apart from the knob which wasn’t linear with the VXO)!

73 Ed.

At least with the arduino it becomes much easier to add. The dds board is also available separately for those wishing to upgrade older units or just tinker.