The GW/SW double

Hi everyone

It’s been many years since I’ve done the double of Fan Nedd GW/SW-007 and Fan Gyhirych GW/SW-006 so as I’ve been quietly returning to the mountains after lockdown I thought I’d test my legs and see how I got on with this walk (slog) of nearly 8 miles from the car and back. Despite constant heavy showers passing through it was a success…legs ok…ish. Despite the HF bands not co-operating Fan Nedd brought 17 contacts to my log including two s2s, one with Simon GW4TJC/p on GW/NW-035 Manod Mawr in North Wales and John G4TQE/P on Christ Cross G/DC-005. Fan Gyhirych gave me a further 13 contacts interrupted by dark rain clouds approaching…pulled the plug. (Rigs & Antenna: FT270-2m fm / Slim Jim…HF: KX2, 5m pole and linked dipole). I’ve included an outline of my route (tried and tested by many) for anyone contemplating this route in the future. Thanks to all the chasers and activators.

Fingers crossed I’m out again in the Brecon Beacons in the next few days. Enjoy the pics.

73 Allan GW4VPX.


Well done Allan. I missed you on Gyhirych. The barbed wire on the fence along the ‘path’ below Fan Nedd is a real hazard. I understood it should be plain wire on the boundaries of Access Land. It’s not likely that animals would push against it given the steepness of the land. Catch you on another summit soon I hope. 73 John

Hi John

Thanks for the single contact anyway as it was great to hear you…2m was working well. Nicked the rucksack once on the barbed wire as the path tends to push you towards it :grinning:. Catch you soon as I’m either in SW or NW tomorrow…not sure yet.

73 Allan GW4VPX

Well done! Thanks for the report Allan. I seem to recall I plotted this pair out for Neil when he had a SW break going back a few years but the wx was not so good and he had to travel back that day so he just did Gyhirych. Perhaps we’ll get back down to SW again before too long - your route has been noted.

Sorry we couldn’t work you but SW is very difficult for us from the home QTH. Hope to catch you S2S again soon.

Karen 2E0XYL

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Well done Allan and glad you enjoyed your day. Yours is a different take on the walk we have been doing from the North (driving in from Sennybridge, turning east at Crai reservoir and parking in the large splay) for some years. After a longish walk we part at Bwlch Duwyn and M0JLA goes up Fan Nedd and I proceed to Fan Gyhirych (I like to go up the higher hill first!) but leave the road earlier than you and up to the summit. On the return we don’t bother to go back to the bwlch but go over the stile just before the cattle grid and follow the path down by the stream (where we usually meet - and had some late lunch in the sun(!!) this time) and through the gateway where it joins your route before the marsh. This cuts off quite a corner but is slightly rougher going. Returning from Fan Nedd and descending back to the marsh I again cut the corner off and wander (got a bit lost this time despite the excellent visibility) diagonally downwards across the slope to hit the path just before the final descent to the marsh. Then on your path back to the bwlch where normally Rod is waiting but this time I won the race. Back together for the walk along the stony track to the car and time for congratulations and commiserations (his VX7R mysteriously packed up after the first summit and HF was not working…) I tried to keep relatively quiet about the total of 42 contacts on 2m and 70cm (21 on each strangely as Fan Nedd is usually more difficult but this time I had to close down after a cluster of 70cm contacts.)

I can see your walk has less height gain and is shorter but you have the steeper ascent and that nasty contouring below Nedd which gives me vertigo and I don’t like the barbed wire so close. Try our route next time!! Glad to hear the legs are working so well - can I borrow them for GM/SS this coming fortnight?

73 Viki M6BWA

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Hi Viki

Sorry for the delay in replying but only arrived back home from GW/NW-009 Cadair Idris…great day and perched where you, Rod and I were 2 years ago. Bucket full of chasers and loads of s2s…report shortly (tomorrow) and thanks to all the chasers and activators.
Legs were on form today even after a concreting session yesterday :grinning:

That route of yours brings back memories of when I tried it with Steve MW0BBU many many years ago. We didn’t split up as were not up to speed on s2s…different story now :grinning:

Good luck with your GM/SS trip.

73 & 88