The good and the bad

Today was that way.

The good: I had the joy of reaching 500 pts on summit to summit QSOs with Peter DL6CGC/P, between EA2/BI-057 and DM/SA-005.

The bad: I had the “pleasure” of hearing (SSB) a well known SV chaser making QSO with me… while I was qso’ing with Colin G4UHX. Mistake? I don’t think so, as he even received (from me?) a different RS report than I was sending to Colin.

Please, don’t misunderstand me, but these last activations I have spent some time on SSB (which was not my habit before), just for find that there is a big lack of respect and ham behavior on them.

In CW, sometimes you can find somebody calling and calling without listening, but it seems to be the normal way of doing on SSB… very sad.

I understand that someone could be nervous, as the activator has a short limit to be there up, and to be frightened of not working him but, come on, didn’t they notice that if you are -as activator- listening somebody shouting and shouting his callsign while you are calling somebody else, you will NOT write down it on the log? or even abandon the SSB activation?

Perhaps it’s my fault, and my bad english makes somebody listen “SV2” while I was calling “M6”…

I am sure that CW doesn’t produce better operators, believe me, but today I have had also the experience of being called by a /P station on the middle of the CW pile-up, and after asking for “only /P”, I was happy to listen the silence, and only the weak (DL2DXA, thank you for your call) signal, make the QSO, and keep on with the pile-up.

73 de Mikel EA2CW

Edited 23:41 UT
Fortunately, I noticed that the SV station has deleted todays QSO from his log. I hope it has been made following the SOTA spirit and not to avoid being recognized… Thank you, man!

In reply to EA2CW:

Unfortunately it does happen, Mikel, and not just on SSB, either. Only this morning I received a complaint about Disruptive operating from a CT1 station on CW. You will notice a “sticky” thread about “Phantom QSOs”.

What you could do is send me a PEM giving the callsign of the offending station. I would then add it to my little book and if the guy is a frequent offender he will get a warning from me. We would have no hesitation in ejecting the worst offenders from SOTA and removing them and their scores from the database. So far just a warning has been enough to make an improvement in operating by the recipients!


Brian G8ADD

In reply to G8ADD:
Thank you once more, Brian, you can see that just a minute before your post, I’ve edited mine, just to note the disappearing of the SV QSO.

About CW behavior, I know that there are a/un-social individuals that don’t matter anything but them, but I already think that it’s an exception.

Not only today but also yesterday from Lemoatxa Mt. I’ve suffered the “attacks” of that celebrity from CT1. I’ll start not logging him anymore.

I thought that this behavior was only proper of some EA 40m. SSB chasers, but along this week I’ve realized that it has been extended to G,I,SV,… on 20m chasing. I assumed it to exist on DX or contest environments, but it’s really a pity that this could become usual in SOTA world.

73 de Mikel