The fun way to commute

I had a window of opportunity after work today, Thursday 14th June 2012, so decided to activate a couple of summits. My first call was the village of Mow Cop, which is sort of one the commute, as I have driven through it several times before when the main roads have been particularly bad. At its highest point is the HuMPs award summit HSP-020.

I parked in the National Trust car park underneath the folly, then walked up the track and path to the steep road to the village centre. At the highest point of the road, there are three tracks going off to the side - one to a private house, one to a covered reservoir and one down past more private houses. I couldn’t see a way to the trig point, so I asked a local who was in his garden. He showed me, and I was soon at the trig point.

This is actually a few centimetres lower then the ‘true’ summit which is the higest point of The Old Man of Mow, a pillar of rock left standing after extensive quarrying all around it! But thankfully it is less than 25m tall!

Calling on 2m FM drew little response on a very breezy afternoon. But the day’s high pollen count was soon bothering my nose and eyes. It was very slow going, probably not helped by the nearby masts desensing my VX7-R handheld, being used only with its helical antenna. I found my way to 5 contacts in 15 minutes, thus qualifying my third HuMP.

It was an unsatisfying activation on a rubbish hill. A tonic was required. So with time remaining in my window, I made the short drive across to Cloudside for Ye Olde Faithfulle, The Cloud G/SP-015, and back to the SOTA awards scheme.

This time the walk was much more satisfying and enjoyable, even if it was only 7 minutes work. The sky remained grey and the south-easterly wind remained fresh. But this time the contacts rolled in with ease. 27 minutes operating brought 15 QSOs, most of them tail-ending the previous so very little actual calling required. A nice chat was enjoyed with all callers, and the last one was a S2S with Simon MW0TTE/P on Mynydd y Cwm GW/NW-076.

Particular thanks to Alex G7KSE/M, Karen 2E0XYL, Dorothy G0SJS and Les M3OUA who all worked me on both the HuMP and the SOTA. After wandering back down to the car, I drove to the famed furniture store in Macclesfield. Arighi Bianci were having one of their open days with hog roast and BBQ, Prosecco and live reggae band - and all free! Marianne, Jimmy and Liam were already here enjoying the free fayre.

Took my mind off the hayfever at least!


In reply to M1EYP:

I’ve activated Mow Cop twice, Tom. Once with Tubby when it rained and once on my own when it chucked it down :frowning:

73 Mike

In reply to 2E0YYY:

I have also been up to Mow Cop a few times. It’s not much cop as a radio site due to the pager QRM.