The first activation of R9U/CE-009


Well done, Igor and group!


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Thanks Ken!

Igor - I enjoyed the video and story - 73, Don AC7P, Texas

Listened hard. But propagation just wasn’t there, unlike the week before. Tnx for your activations. Always looking out for you.

Andrei, de ZL1TM

Thank you Andy. Conditions were very poor. We did work some JA both on 20 and 30m but nothing any furthere. Always keep ears opened for you. Hopefully next time…

Thanks Igor and group for the nice video.
Congrats for stenuous walk and heavy setup!

Hello, fantastic video…pity you couldn’t stay longer there…well done to you all with the activation.

73 de Geoff vk3sq

Hi Igor,

that’s a vy nice video you made. Well done! Also a nice view from the top. A lot off weight in your backpack, with those heavy sets.

GL and 73, Tonnie - PA9CW

Отличная работа и красивое видео.
Удачи.Берегите себя.73!

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Good hike! 73 N6JZT Hal

Whole team made a good job, good to seee this part of our world also be active in SOTA. Thanks for seting up the station and good luck for next time.

Best 73’s

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