The Craggies Den,

A Big thankyou to Rob and Audrey,for visiting the Craven Radio Amateur Group,CRAG to-night in Gargrave,.we hope they enjoy their stay in the Craven District,73 de GEOFF G4CPA.

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Now back in the land of the internet so thanks Goeff for the invite and the rest of the club for a very pleasant evening. Hope all went well at the CASHOTA
On a similar note FARS Furness Amateur Radio Society meet every Monday night at the Farmers Arms in Newton close to Barrow in Furness. We have at least ten members active in SOTA and would be pleased to see anyone who fancies an evening out in the area. Meetings kick off at 8 o’clock but I’m usually there earlier.(Audrey has an evening class so drops me and comes back later). Best check before hand as we may just be at our alternative venue Gleaston Water Mill or fox hunting. Come and see just how far Barrow is from the rest of the world:-)

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Hi ROB N Audrey,We had a great CASHOTA day yesterday ,tnx fer all the points,and the qso frm Easington Fell.Ive been to Walney ,and B in F ,i liked the coastline past Rampton ,Rat island and i think Roa island it was along time ago hi Hpe cu both agn Sn, 73 frm G4CPA /THE CRAG.