The Cloud

The Cloud, she (or is a hill called a he?) is activated many times, but to me it was a first today, thanks to Tom - M1EYP.
It was a pleasure to work Tom with a good signal into Holland and very nice sending morse! My congrats Tom and thanks for a (long waiting) new summit!
I sure hope to meet you many more times in the CW mode on HF.

73, Age - PA0XAW

Many thanks Age. Similarly, I had worked most of the regular CW chasers by now, but not you, so very pleased to make the contact with you.

I am surprised that this was a Unique for you. I even think you have activated this summit a few years ago?

Best 73, Tom

In reply to M1EYP:
It was a surprice to me as well Tom, I did not realize it, until I saw it in the data base that “The Cloud” was a new summit too me, hi.
Yes I was up “The Cloud” in august 2003 together with Richard G3CWI but it seems that I never had a chance to chase this summit.

Best 73, Age - pa0xaw