The 10 m S2S EU <> VK challenge (Part 2)

It is possible. Conditions were there today, now it just needs luck from someone.

I had 10m QSO with VK6 this morning on 10w. I could also hear @VK3JBL calling on 10m with a decent copy on summit Vk3/VT-013, but I stupidly had put up the 20m vertical and couldn’t respond. By the time I put up the 10m vertical it was too late.


Noooo! I didn’t spend a lot of time on 10 as the band seemed a bit dead. Generally was not good all day on Sunday, except to ZL though grabbed the odd US and JA contact.

Sorry was a bit quick on the last summits of the day (5 in total, 6 if you include the campsite). The sun had set by the time I arrived at the last (VT-022) and fog/cloud had blanketed the range. I had a long drive out in fog so thick I couldn’t see the side of the road or the road at all at points and that’s a mind numbingly long drive out in good condx. I arrived home at 10pm.

Sunrise on VK3/VE-033:

Andrew VK3JBL