The 10 m S2S EU <> VK challenge (Part 1)

I’m a possible for this. WX forecast is changing hourly, we’ve had rain, sleet, snow and dry conditions predicted. The only constant is windy with 50-60kph gusts :frowning:


Forecast isn’t looking great here either so will see what it’s like in the morning. Sunday morning is looking better - I’ll post an alert if I’m planning on going out then.


The forecast doesn’t look too good here either. Nevertheless, I got the 10m VDA out and tested it in the back garden, just in case. I’ll set the alarm and decide tomorrow morning whether it makes sense to go for it.

73, Roman

Hi Fraser

I can do Sunday at 0600 UTC until sunset at 0810 UTC on 10 and 20m SSB.

I will activate VK1/AC-043.

Andrew VK1AD


Unfortunately it looks like Saturday afternoon is not as clear as I thought it would be.
The earliest I could get on air from a summit would by after local sunset so I’ll have to miss this event.
I may get out Sunday instead.


Game on!

I will take monoband verticals for 10 & 20m.


This looks like it will work for me.

I’ll take bring along two 1/4 wave ground plane antennas.
I have had good results recently with my linked inverted Vee but getting it strung up on the summit I have in mind is a challenge in itself.

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Me too: 10m and (new) 20m monoband verts in the bag for tomorrow and conditions so far look good:


looking forward to it - Ready for a 4.30am start !

Probally a bit windy here for the Moxon. Will see.


Love your optimism.


I don’t see that - I have my rose tinted glasses on!


They seem to work. The coronal hole has been quiet yet. The only thing that could come in our way now would be a CME with type II radio emission in the early utc morning hours. So fingers crossed!



Just to confirm how much my days change - I am now back in for 23 March and not on for 24 March.
@MM0EFI - maybe some other time for S2S on 10m.


Were any of you successful? I really tried from DM/NW-026 …


Vk1ad wrote, he heard me, but i couldn’t hear him.

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I wondered how things would go…

SUMMARY: X-ray Event exceeded X1
Begin Time: 2024 Mar 23 0058 UTC
Maximum Time: 2024 Mar 23 0133 UTC
End Time: 2024 Mar 23 0222 UTC
X-ray Class: X1.1
Location: N17E03
NOAA Scale: R3 - Strong

SFI: 194 and Kp now at 5.

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I work OE9HRV at 09:00z last week on 10m. 07:00 now so give it another 1 hour or so. Be a bit late and dark for East Coast VKs sun setting around 08:00z.

I’m checking all 10m spots from home :slight_smile:

Just hearing OE5HKT/P on 28.360 at 08:05


No luck on 10m .i got as far as the Middle East.

But 2 summits to summits GE to VK on 20m for me. 20m in great shape


Before I could qsy to 20m strong qrm started while simultaneously wx worsened from snow to rain… so packed up. Anyway was a nice little activity and I learned that I am able to set up my 10m moxon without help. Even when it took me forever :grinning:. next time we try again :slight_smile:


I think Pom jinxed it with his post.

Tropospheric weather conditions were ok to start with, but cold and windy. Wearing shorts wasn’t the best idea.

I got to my summit around 0645 where I founds some shelter in a dip behind the transmission tower.

I listened for a few minutes for others who had spotted but couldn’t hear anyone. Chris F4WBN was working someone but I couldn’t hear the activator.

Tom came back to my CQ call but despite more calling there were no more chasers. I tried jumping on FT8 as there were some FT8 spots up, but my tablet was playing up so resorted to FT8CN on my phone which got a few contacts but again, M1EYP/P was the only activator.

It was also snowing/hailing intermittently so I was trying to hide in my hastily opened bothy bag which was uncomfortable until there was a break in the weather which allowed me to operate outside and sort the bag out ready for the next shower.

Back onto SSB and the band had warmed up and some European/Russian contacts were made but no VK or EU activators heard.

Already on my second battery I called it a day and put up the 2m antenna. A CQ call generated a contact but mid QSO the radio turned off :confused:. The usually reliable TH-K20 had a flat battery despite being charged overnight which was disappointing.

I packed up and headed down just as the weather turned again and enjoyed a hailstorm with strong winds on the way down the track.


I recognise that “BBC” mast from many a contest. It used to be 4kW per BBC national channel (R1,2,3,4) = 8kW plus Welsh versions and a local BBC station or two, let’s call it 12kW all in. All fed into a 4 tier x 4 bank of what look like Aan Dick Broadcast mixed polarised antennas. There’ll be a few mV/m where you sat :slight_smile:

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