Thanks to the activators

Thanks to all the activators I have worker since January 2022*as I finally achieved the milestone of 5000 chaser points today from my second QTH in. EA6.
The excellent activation reports add a real dimension to the chase,
I have been involved in many aspects of amateur radio for around 68 years and SOTA has been ,for me, the most satisfying perhaps even topping 50Mhz WAC.
Thanks again to the SOTA community,


Congratulations Dave on achieving 5 x Shack Sloth.

Jimmy M0HGY

Looks a bit more than that Jim.

5 x Shack Sloth, and all from EA6, if I am not mistaken.


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There’s only one chase logged as EA6/M0DLL so can’t be all from EA6.

Corrected now.

Jimmy M0HGY

Yes, I misinterpreted. The lack of a strategically placed comma threw me right off the scent…

Hi Dave, welcome to the fraternity and enjoy your activation’s while have fun.

Geoff vk3sq