Thanks to sota

After being on radio for a number of years with my other callsign (M1EAF)i got rather disolusioned with the hobby , so all my equipment went and i went off to learn how to fly remote controled helecopters.
I can now fly them very well, so here i am back giving radio another try, and after five months of still not getting back into it i found sota.
Well thanks to all sota members im now like i was when i got my rae pass cert, started in august and now very addicted, im awaiting my first chaser cert and im chasing for my next, im even getting my gear together to have a go at a few activations myself.
So what can i say , well thanks to all ive spoken to and to all i hope to speak to, keep up the good work, im proud to be a member of the sota family.

regards to all Richard (M0EAF)

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Glad to hear that Richard - but be warned it will take over your life :slight_smile:
Hope to catch you on a summit in the near future - there are plenty to go at around the Birmingham Mafia area.

Roger G4OWG

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Hi Richard,

I have to agree with Roger 1000% (that’s not a typo by the way) - SOTA is extremely pleasurable and highly addictive. It certainly got me back into radio in a big way.

I look forward to hearing and working you sometime soon on one band or another. Will keep an eye on the alerts page.

73, Gerald G4OIG.

In reply to M0EAF:
You are so right, Richard :slight_smile:
I got my license in 1962 (DJ8EP, later LA0BY) and made it all: W6 in CW and SSB on top band with 1 KW was perhaps the most spectacular experience, and 59+ on top band from VK6 was also delightful…
However, I remember with passion my regular activities with 0,5 watts AM and HB9CV antenna on 2m from a small summit in Cuxhaven (DL), where I worked from my car into OZ almost every evening, and my ODX was LA. Every QSO was a delightful event.
During the last 10 years i have got quite frustrated and stopped using ham-radio. But SOTA (I started a month ago) has brought it all back to me.
Now I am thinking QRP and light weight, dreaming of activating more of the challenging summits in my district next year.
Let’s take good care of SOTA!