Thanks To Everyone Today

I would like to say thank you to all the guys that helped me on Waterrock Knob today. As always I had great chasers. But today was exceptional.

As I was operating today, and had been on frequency for some time, I was interrupted by a station on AM that began calling CQ. I politely informed him that the frequency was in use. Unfortunately he continued. I began to think, “Hey, he might not hear me.” I’m only operating 10w here, I am not the loudest instrument in the choir. That and I am not familiar with AM operation.

Well some of my chasers began to inform this individual that the frequency was in use. Several of my chasers! I got a big smile on my face that the guys were standing up for me.

Well I guess the guy had heard us because he came back, “I don’t answer anyone who does not give their call-sign.” Well I had thrown out my call, and the chasers made sure he knew that.

Anyway I just wanted to say thanks to all the chasers for supporting me today. I am not the most experienced ham and I have been a little taken aback by some of the attitude I have gotten on frequency, Tunning up on the freq, and this kind of nonsense.

I was curious, do other SOTA guys catch this kind of flak. Or is this an amateur radio wide problem that we have to deal with.

So again thanks guys! I am working on a short video and will post a summit report tomorrow after my video hits you tube.


In reply to KK4NQQ:
Hi John.
Lot of fun to work you! Also I’ve spotting . I will try to spot all "activators"
that i work! You’re really great into south EU could hear very easy . Seems your setput are very good.
Please Continuing with this activity. SOTA is a REAL good Challenge for Chasers and Activators.
Hope to work you again , but with you as a Chaser
Best 73s frm marq ct1bww