Thanks to DX callers to VK2/CT-031 Mt Bulga Sat 18th

Very sorry I had to close down so suddenly yesterday whilst calling on 20M.

Had taken a break in the afternoon and waited for later in the afternoon (0600 4.00pm local) for 20M to start opening up.

Was prepared for a long stint with tent fly up for shelter and a torch handy for the walk out.

Alas came the low rumble and crash of a approaching storm front so signed off in a hurry, ripped everything down ,shoved all into my rucksack and departed.

Just made it to the car as the storm swept in.

Real pain as UK and a Italian callers were almost blocking the KX3’s front end, could only confirm a couple.

Heard other stations calling as well at good strength.

So ended that attempt at dx and S2S. Hopefully things will be better on the 25th coming.

Cheers, Nick VK2AOH

Nick, do you have the roofing filters fitted to your KX3?
Also what paddle are you using, home & portable?

It was not an event of strong adjacent interference just such strong sigs from the callers. In any event was in such a rush with the rapidly approaching storm just scribbled down the details of a couple of callers, signed off and quickly put up a post on SOTA to let other chasers know why I was so suddenly closing down.

With the crashes of thunder and a tumultuous wind had no time to concern myself with technicalities.

Was using an old army key.