Thanks to all- MG

Thanks a million to the whole gang. Especially Fred KT5X for planting the seed which at first I thought was an idea going nowhere-- and the next thing you know I am out grabbing peaks and loving it !! Pretty good cheer leader that guy.

A great journey, 118 unique peaks, all 14 MHz CW, 24 peaks in EU, one peak in S5 I was activator number 100 on my 100th peak, 10 organizations activated, and I guess last but not least the non official SOTA qualification, all done with 3 stents in my ticker- not sure there is a certificate for that one.

I have lived in Colorado 45 years and considered myself quite an active outdoor guy, but NOT A SINGLE ONE of those peaks had I EVER been up before. (my definition of unique went beyond SOTAs, it had to be personal unique). What a great thing SOTA has been to broaden the horizons!! Sort of a “hey, wake up, its all right here in your back yard”.

Thanks gang and to those just getting going all I can say is keep it rolling.



Congrats on the MG award. You’ve earned it well and it has been fun working you on as many summits as I could. Yes, that Fred is a real inspiration and enjoys SOTA enough that he’s like a magnet whenever anyone gets around him. Keep on having fun and we’ll be waiting for you on all of your next peaks.

Gary A. - W0MNA

Congratulations on the MG achievement and thanks for all the contacts. Hope to work you on many more.
73, Walt NE4TN

Congratulations Cap and thank you for your MG-story! It was great to have many EU contacts with you from DL/OE/S5/I !
73! Serge uu4jim / rk3by

Congrats Cap!!! You always seem to pull my slow straight key out of the pileup…GREAT ears!!! Tnx fer all the chaser points!


Nice job Cap!!! Being an ex-Colorado boy I envy your mountain top possibilities, especially the abundance of peaks over 14K! Looking forward to many more contacts - enjoy!

73 Rick WB0USI

Congratulations on MG status, Cap. Great achievement in short time, less then two years, well done!! It was a great pleasure to be with you and Kim on Debela peč S5/JA-029 in september. Thanks for s2s and chaser points from your EU tour. Looking forward to contact you DX one day!
73, Mirko S52CU

Congrats Cap. Welcome to the “Unique” club.



Congrats, Cap. “Oh justice, when expelled from other habitations make this thy dwelling place”. And through Sota we who are fortunate to live here can get to the heart of that quote, as you have surely demonstrated. All the best…
73, Walt W0CP