Thanks from 2E0NBR

Sharon, 2E0NBR asked me to say thank you to all the activators and also the other chasers that helped her get her 1000 points to become a Shack Sloth.

Frank, G3RMD gave her the exact two points needed to get to 1000 points today, cheers Frank for beating me to it… hi

Special thanks to Graham, G4JZF and Don, G0NES for helping Sharon over the last two years from time to time as well. In fact thanks to all activators that helped Sharon on her way up the point’s ladder.

I am now hoping that now she may not be so addicted to SOTA chasing now she has done 1000 points and get out of my shack!! Apparently I can dream she says!

Looks like I better stay up them hills!

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Congratulations on achieving shacksloth status Sharon, well done.
How about mountain goat next?

73 Mike GW0DSP

Well done sharon, thats 4 sloths in the club now (radio club that is)

73 dave

Well Done Sharon and congratulations.

73 Graham G4JZF

In reply to 2E0KPO:
Many congratulations Sharon


In reply to 2E0KPO:
Well done Sharon, delighted to supply your last few points en route to Slothdom.
Frank G3RMD

Well Done Sharon

Matt M3WDS

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Well done Sharon, always pleased to be of assistance, it would look to me that there are two operators who will have bit of a job getting into the shack again, I wonder who they are!!
Well done again Sharon and of course to Geraldine, just starting on her way to the 1000 mark.

Don [G0NES]

Congratulations Sharon. Always a pleasure to work you. Thanks for looking for me on the summits - even on those days that “your boys” are out and about and you are acting as mission control.

73, Gerald