Thanks for the contacts...sorry they were not SOTA

Long story short, I self spotted, broke my antenna, couldn’t get contacts and packed up. A couple hours later I fixed the antenna, set it up in my yard to test and started making contacts, too many contacts for my <1 watt setup. Turns out RBNgate re-spotted my previous SOTA spot, so people thought I was still on the peak, I wasn’t.

My apologies to those that thought this was SOTA.

Is there a way to retract a spot?


Yes. Spot yourself to Sotawatch and include either of the following anywhere in your spot’s comment (without the quotes, case-insensitive): “RBNN” or “NoRBNGate”. This will disable spotting based on any of your current Sotawatch alerts or prior self-spots. Your “current Sotawatch alerts” are the ones in which the current time is within 1 hour before or 3 hours after their estimated time of arrival. If you have alerts entered for times farther out into the future, RBNGate spotting will resume for those. It will also resume if you spot yourself again and do not include “RBNN” or “NoRBNGate” in the comment for your self-spot.

Pete :gb:

You can retract your own spots but not “machine generated” spots. Sorry, it’s the way it is for now. If you do get respotted, before you can update your status to stop it using the methods Pete gives, you can spot yourself and say in the comments you are not SOTA. This is technically wrong in that spots are for SOTA operations not non-SOTA spots but in this case those who read the comment will know you are not SOTA and won’t log it.A lot will see the spot and start calling on the frequency listed anyway. You’ll probably need to make a post like this either way explaining it’s invalid for SOTA.