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Thanks for all activers sota france


congratulation, and thanks, for all activators in french sota reference.
Y hope that all the chasers are happy to be able to contact
new activities with the section France.
hope to copy you on sota références, 73’s for all
f5nep. Lionel


In reply to F5NEP:
Thankyou Lionel, its great to have France on board,exiting times fer Sota,.


Salu Lionel,
tnx for all the excellent work for SOTA-France!
I try to work as many F-chasers as possible when
I’am a SOTA-tourist in France.
Mes amities et bonnes 73 de Fritz HB9CSA/DL4FDM


In reply to F5NEP:

Vive la France Lional. It’s great to have the French on board.

vy 73