Thanks EU chasers WB2FUV on W2/GC-112 today

Many thanks for the EU chasers today during a 20M opening starting at 1530Z. The last few summits I have activated, although not high elevation peaks, have good prominence with an open view toward Europe. Unfortunately, I typicallly arrive at the peak too late for EU s2s contacts. My first QSO was G4AFI followed by 14 other EU chasers. Sorry if I missed anyone else in the pileup.

I was running an FT-818 at 6 watts to an inverted vee up 20 feet with legs N-S. Weather was cloudy, temps 26-32F with constant wind gusting to 25 mph. I setup on the porch of the ranger cabin to shelter from the wind.

Stay well & 73!
Mike, WB2FUV


Mni tnx, Mike, for nice qso and this picture.Hpe to meet you agn.
Best 73 and gl