Thanks again

to all who called in today. Just have returned from AL-250, one of the local summits here, already prepared and uploaded the log. I tested a completely new setup today: A doublet (2x16m inverted vee with 10m of feeder line) at a 12m fishing pole, a new z-match and an IC706 powered by a 12Ah slab. The z-match is made with varcaps from an old tube rx and seems to be good for up to 80-100 watts depending on the band. The performance was ok although the fishing pole was a bit too weak to carry the load, so the top of the doublet was only at roundabout 7-8 metres instead of the expected 10 metres. In fact I’ll return to the qrp setup with Blue Cool Radio or ATS 3B and the inverted L longwire -> The better performance of the new setup didn’t balance the additional amount of weight to carry…

73 Bernhard DL4CW

In reply to DL4CW:
Thanks Bernhard for DL/AL-250 - another new one for me
Your signal was FB - see you from the next one !

73 Graham G3OHC